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The St George Legacy 1.0

Wow, so, Uhm.. October 2015? How about that.

Home is where you have basic shelter and amenities, right? This totally counts.

Using the money she had left over from her time at College, she does the best she can to keep herself fed and seated.

Don't question how a fridge is powered when there's no physical way to connect it to any power. It'll just hurt your brain.

Mae: I wasn't scavenging in my own bin! Not at all! Boy, the very idea is just crazy! Right?

Papergirl: I'm just gonna put this here and leave..

Mae: It's actually quite beautiful, when you think about it. Can't wait until I have enough money to buy a camera. I know I can pull one out of my arse but I like to feel accomplished, y'know?

Papergirl: Leaving now. Please don't follow me..

Time was spent (unsucsessfully) jobsearching and using her painting talents to earn her some Simoleons so that she could keep herself fed.

Pffft, what's dignity?

Mae: Ahhhh, this is actually pretty relaxing. Nothing but warm water and the fresh afternoon breeze.

Mae: Crap, I hope there are no low-flying planes around here..

Mae: Yeah! It's so great that we've graduated from College! We have our whole lives ahead of us.

Mae: You got a job? Putting a loan on a new house? That's cool. Oh, me? Yeah, well, I just took a bath out in the open air. I have no idea what I'm doing with my life.

Mae: I pawned all of my jewlery so I could buy a fridge and a toilet. It doesn't have anyway to flush but I put it around the back of my tent so it's not so bad..

Mae: I only have one set of clothes so I assume soon the smells will sort of intermingle and I won't have to worry so much abou- Huh? Yeah, okay, Bye!

Sleep time!

Mae: Ah, that was the worst sleep I have had in my life. Gee, isn't everything so grand-

Mae: Oh. House. Score.

Mae: Windows and everything..

Soon, it was bright enough to paint. She kind of needed to anyway. Windows are not cheap.

Mail time. With cute Mailman that she's had her eye on since she started college. They talked so much back then that they're besties. You could say that they're pen pals.

His name is Ronan.

Ronan: Hey, you finally made it out. Congratulations! How's everyday life treating you?

Mae: Better with you in it.

Ronan: That was so cheesy. I love it.

He really loves it.

Ronan: Ahhhhh, the fresh scent of overwhelming emotions.

Mae: Ugh, what is this tingling in my chest. Is that electromagnetic interference, or could it be love? No wait, it's both.

It's about time she actually tried looking for a job again.


Then she had to dash off to said new job, would be pretty unprofessional to be that late for your first day.

.. and we have our first chance card. I suck at these. Now usually I just hit ignore, but why not mix things up. Dodgy time-share sales, or illegal insurance scam?

Dodgy time-shares it is! A speed boat is just the icing on the cake. We all know about the cake.

Mae: I'm a shitty human being. A skilled shitty human being.

A first day promotion means she can afford a bathroom. Also wall paint and flooring. Those nice things cashed up non-legacy sims take for granted.

Mae: Oh god, has this fridge been off this whole time?

Ramen it is then.

Mae: Tastes like late assignments and angry lecturers.. and tears.

Not much time to rest, as her new position has her working nights.


Mae: I'm a shitty human being with money.

Morning light fills the house as she goes to try and get another hour of shutteye before she has to human for the day.

Mae: I did not get any sleep. Dangih'.

Being well rested would make this next step a little less daunting, but here she goes.

Mae: Hey cutie, got any packages in that bag for me?

Ronan: No, but I have some bills for you.

Mae: .. You can keep those.

She invites him in.

Mae: Would you like to deliver yourself to my address from now on?

Ronan: Uh, I don't think you can mail people. Pretty sure it's illegal.

Mae: I'm asking if you'll move in here with me, you dingus.

Ronan. Oh.. OH.. That makes more sense. Sure!

Post makeover. D'aw, aint he sweet.

Mae: Lookin' good.

Ronan: Your face feels kinda like a whiteboard.

Mae: You'll get used to it.

Ronan: It's nice, like you.

Mae: You charmer.

Ronan: Hey, I have an idea! We should totally start dating!

Mae: We.. are? I think? Pretty sure.

Ronan: Oh, cool. Cool. Thinking ahead. That's smart. That's why I like you.




Now that he actually has a physical home, time to make a change in careers for the better. Ronan has always wanted to be a teacher.

Ronan: "Do you enjoy cleaning up after others? Trying to have your voice heard over a din of shrill screaming? Spending evenings drinking cheap red wine while writing lesson plans you'll never get around to implementing? Teach! Apply now!" Ooh, this one looks good.

Ronan: Oh, wait, I don't like red wine. Next.. Oh, that's all. Oh well. Better luck tomorrow, I guess.

With the extra money Ronan brought somewhere on his person, some necassary purchases were made. Not complete whims at all. Nope.

Mae: I'm a shitty human being who cares about our enviroment.

Time for some preemptive job skilling. I wonder what he might be practicing?

Ronan: .. and I'll get a Coke with that? What? Oh, no, Pepsi is fine then.

Ah, maybe they could use her to crack the vault. It's worth a shot.

"Hazzard pay", alright. Dangih'.

Ronan: This dinner is gonna be so adequate. I'll woo her with my mediocre cooking skills!

Mae: I'm a shitty human being..

Mae: .. with no job. Ugh. Now how am I going to indulge in a lavish lifestyle that befits me?

Ronan: Evening sweetie, I made grub. Geddit, cause it's spaghetti and they look like worms.

Mae: So cute.

Ronan: Soooo, what do you thiiink?

Mae: Pleasantly medeocre. I tolerate it.

Ronan: Awww, you're just saying that, but thank you. I put a moderate amount of effort into it.

Mae: It shows!

Ronan: Oh, there is something I wanted to put forward to you. A proposal, if you will.

Ronan: Theres a reason I pulled out an average amount of stops for dinner tonight. I was wondering.. If maybe..

Mae: Holy shit!

Ronan: Is that a good face? I can't tell.

Mae: Of course I'll marry you, you dingus!

Ronan: Oh! Thank the Maker. I was worried for a second there. Tomorrow I'll make the most average pancakes I can manage to celebrate.

Mae: Oooh, yeah, 'bout that..

Mae: .. I lost my job. Might need to put some of that spaghetti into plastic containers for dinners for the next few nights. Maybe breakfasts and luches too.

Ronan: Oh. Uh, right. I'll do that later then. Sure.

*chewing noises*

Ronan: Heh, those leg cramps from standing in front of the mirror practicing were worth it.

Sleep time.

Also sleep time for me. I will try and not take over a year for the next update. We shall see.
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