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Leh + Remi + Anva - Maxis Match Leh Eye and Skin edits

Here we go again! My Leh edits but this time with Anva's Legacy Sclera and some edits of Leh's Supernatural skins.

Grey Eyes

Light Blue Eyes

Dark Blue Eyes

Green Eyes

Brown Eyes

Alien Eyes

Zombie Eye Overlay

Vampire with Red Eyes sans Blue overlay

Semi-transparent Werewolf Overlay with Gold/Black Eyes

Plantsim Face only Overlay with Green Eyes

Bigfoot with Brown Eyes

Genie with Skin 3 and Purple Eyes

On to the downloads.

Default Eye Colours
Default Alien Eye

The package for Werewolves has pioupiou@MATY's Custom Werewolf skin fix included, so you don't need it as a separate package.

35 Custom Eye colours, Geneticised. I included the colour I use for my Selfsim, a two-toned Hazel. If you have my old Eye Add-ons on the different scleras, replace them with these as they use the same packages.

Eye Colour Add-on

Overlays for Alien Sclera, Clouded Zombie Eye and Catseye Pupil. Found under blush, multi-layerable and tooltipped.


For my older eyesets, you can go here (Neena Sclera) or here (Maxis Sclera) and my old Eye Add-on sets are here.

You can find Leh's original skins and eyes here, which include the Alien and Zombie skins.

Models are wearing Rensim shaders, AlfredAskew waterlines and Lunar_Eclipse mouth corners. Credit goes to Leh, Anva and pioupiou@MATY.

Enjoy! :)
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