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maxis_taste Dare #30

Just a little something for maxis_taste Dare #30. Because. :)

Ginger: Geeez..

David: What?

Ginger: Is that your grandmother?

David: Yeah.

Ginger: She's still alive!?

David: Heh, yeah.

Ginger: How old is she?

David: I'm not sure.. Most of us lost count after triple digits..

David: Have I ever told you, you have the most beautiful eyes..

Ginger: Awwwwwww, Dave-

David: No comparison to mine, of course!

Ginger: You're so up yourself, I'm surprised you can still breathe.

David: Yeah, but you love me.

Ginger: Well, duh!


David: Ow! The ring!

Ginger: Oh, soooorry.. Bwehehe.. *thump*

David: OW! Stop it!


David Ottomas and Ginger Ottomas, nee Newson.
Tags: dare, newson, ottomas, sims 2

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