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Recolours Of my edit's of Leh's Eyes - Both Scleras + Alien Sclera overlay

20 natural recolours (4 of each colour) and 14 unnatural colours on both scleras, plus an "Alien" sclera overlay.

I made a set for both scleras, but you can only use one set at a time. I cheated and used the same packages, because it was just way too much work for one set of CC. Same goes for the versions, only pick one, as they all use the same packages, just edited.

Download Neena Sclera - Custom | Geneticised | Geneticised + Townified
Download Maxis Sclera - Custom | Geneticised | Geneticised + Townified

PSD for Recolouring

Here is the PSD for those of you who have Photoshop and wish to make recolours. If you guys do make recolours and share them, which I really hope you do, send me a link. :D

Alien Sclera Overlay

An "Alien" sclera overlay, so that any of your sims can be "Aliens" with colourful eyes. :P Found under blush, and is multi-wearable and layerable. Generally it will only work with these eyesets, but it might work with others. Most likely to work on any eyes based on Sarhra's (Eg kinemortophobia's, smjoshsims', without_pith's and of course Leh's set).

The sclera works perfectly with skellington7d's eye overlays, which work with the eyesets. I made sure of that.

Download Alien Sclera Overlay

Everything is compressorized, enjoy! :D

P.S: I'm working on contacts, using the supernatural eyes, and they should be ready soon. :)
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