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Edits of Leh's eyeset as defaults on Leh's Supernatural skins - Maxis Sclera

My edits of Leh's eyes on the Maxis sclera, for those who prefer it. Werewolf sclera is darkened, as is the original Maxis one. Plantsims have green-shaded scleras.

Download Default Eyes

Download Alien Eye Default

Download Vampire Default (Sans Blue Overlay)

Download Werewolf Default (Aliens have Alien eyes)

Download Plantsim Default

Download Bigfoot Default

Download Genie Default

Download Mannequin Default

You can find Leh's original skins and eyes here. If you want her skins but my Eyes/Supernaturals, just replace her default files with mine.

Models are wearing Rensim shaders and Lunar_Eclipse mouth corners. Credit goes to Leh.

NOTE: If you would like these eyes on any other Supernatural default skins, just send me a link/copy of the skin and I can fix it up. This goes for either set. Or if you would like to do it yourself, let me know and I can send you the textures. If you would like to make recolours of these eyes, same thing, I can send you the PSDs. I'm in the process of making recolours, but it might take me a little while. :P

Enjoy! :D
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