Photoshop Actions for Screeshots - Version 2

A while back I released the actions I used to edit my screenshots. Since then I've made some adjustments and I thought they were worth sharing.

Here are some examples. The top image has only been cropped and resized with a border added. Bottom images have been fully edited with my actions.

Dark Interior:

Collapse )

Edits of Leh's eyes - Supernaturals on Maxis skins

No previews for now, sorry, but I put my Leh eye edits for the supernaturals on the original Maxis skins. Included in each folder is the Vampire overlay with the blue tinge, Plantsim, Genie and Mannequin eyes on Maxis faces, as well as the Werewolf and Bigfoot edits from my original sets, as they are just the eyes on Maxis skins.

Download Leh eye edits on Maxis skins
Download Leh eye edits on Maxis sclera on Maxis skins

Enjoy! :)