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The St George Legacy 1.0

Wow, so, Uhm.. October 2015? How about that.

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Sims 2 Store Hair Recolour Project - WIP

I've been posting these to my tumblr as I've finished them, but I thought it would be useful to have them all in one place. The original posts can by found here.

Colours are my V3 Maxis Match, with some Pooklet V3.5 Unnaturals and a few of my Custom colours. Textures are the originals.

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The St George Legacy - College Years

Hey, a legacy. Thought I'd give it another go.

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A while back I released the actions I used to edit my screenshots. Since then I've made some adjustments and I thought they were worth sharing.

Here are some examples. The top image has only been cropped and resized with a border added. Bottom images have been fully edited with my actions.

Dark Interior:

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maxis_taste Dare 31

My entry for maxis_taste Dare 31. I decided to put all my Sim Scenes training to good use. :P Enjoy!
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No previews for now, sorry, but I put my Leh eye edits for the supernaturals on the original Maxis skins. Included in each folder is the Vampire overlay with the blue tinge, Plantsim, Genie and Mannequin eyes on Maxis faces, as well as the Werewolf and Bigfoot edits from my original sets, as they are just the eyes on Maxis skins.

Download Leh eye edits on Maxis skins
Download Leh eye edits on Maxis sclera on Maxis skins

Enjoy! :)

maxis_taste Dare #30

Just a little something for maxis_taste Dare #30. Because. :)
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20 natural recolours (4 of each colour) and 14 unnatural colours on both scleras, plus an "Alien" sclera overlay.
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My edits of Leh's eyes on the Maxis sclera, for those who prefer it. Werewolf sclera is darkened, as is the original Maxis one. Plantsims have green-shaded scleras.
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I've been using edits of Leh's eyeset as my defaults since I started using the skins, but there's always been some little things that bothered me. Mostly the shadowing on some colours, but not others. I took one style of the eyes as a base, and recoloured it, so that all eyes would have the same shadowing. All have new shine, by me, and are on Neena's sclera. Same as Leh's. Werewolf Sclera is darkened, as is the original Maxis one. Plantsims have green-shaded scleras.
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maxis_taste Dare 28: Fandom, anyone?


Nouk's Lolita Hair Maxis Match

Nouk's Lolita Hair Maxis Match

I've used bits and pieces of Neena and Leh's textures and alpha edits, smooshed it all together and hacked up the alpha even more, threw my own texture blends into the mix, recoloured it with 5 of Simgaroop's colours and this is the result.

All ages. Binned, familied, elder grey liked to black and compressorized. Mesh by Nouk included.

Download Lolita

All ages. Binned, familied, elder grey liked to black and compressorized. Mesh by Nouk included.

Download Lolita Without Fringe

Shannanigan's 'Rosie Riveter' hair MM with Nymphy's curls

Shannanigan's "Rosie Riveter" mesh, in 5 Maxis match colours. In both my texture blend and Nymphy's curls/curly alpha with Shannanigan's red scarf texture (darkened by me).
Both versions are teen - elder, binned, familied, elder grey linked to black and compressorized. Mesh by Shannanigan included.

Download Straight

Download Curly

Tenshii~Akari's Half Pony Dreds made Maxis match - 4 Styles

Tenshii~Akari's Half Pony dreds, retextured in a blend of the original texture and a texture I made for 'stubble', in all four alpha edits/styles, in the colours I use.

Toddler to elder, binned, familied, the elder grey hairs are linked to the black hairs and everything's compressorized. Scrunchie in Aubergine by CuriousB.


Download Female Style 1
Download Female Style 2
Download Female Style 3
Download Female Style 4

Download Male Style 1
Download Male Style 2
Download Male Style 3
Download Male Style 4

M&G Dreds retextured & recoloured - Remi'd & Simgaroop'd

Textures are a blend of Tenshii~Akari's dred texture and my own texture I've been using for 'stubble', blended with the original texture from the M&G dreds.

All are binned, familied, the elder greys are linked to the black hairs and everything is compressorized. You will need Mansion & Garden Stuff for these to work.

AF Remi'd


AM Remi'd


TF Remi'd


TM Remi'd


AF Simgaroop'd


AM Simgaroop'd


TF Simgaroop'd


TM Simgaroop'd


Download base in Volatile for recolouring

All Hair Textures and Retextured hairs from 2011. I am in the process of swapping out Box links for SFS.

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Maxis_Taste Dare 25

maxis_taste Dare 25 was to makeover sims/houses/sims&houses in the shades of a rainbow. I picked a few sims and gave them some colourful darbs. Teens/YAs have been aged to adult.
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Maxis_Taste Dare 24

Hey guys! This is my entry for maxis_taste Dare 24. Now I did go a little bit overboard with it, so I hope it still counts.

Warning: Language, horror, bad 'ghost' stories, violence, death (or so to speak..)

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I made these for my own use, but I thought others may like them too. They're defaults of the three Maxis eyebrows using Aquilegia's Maxis Match Rensim brows. The package has been compressorized and is base game compatible.

Alternate Download

Enjoy! :)

AL Store Stereo in Curious B's colours

Three Sims

"Excuse me, Miz, but I think I should be the one up front.."

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Angelica Fjord

This here is Angelica Fjord. She's a Popularity/Romance sim who calls herself a Taurus. She likes fit witches, but not zombies, however fit they may be.

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Maxis_Taste Dare #23

This is my entry for maxis_taste Dare #23.

Warning: Adult themes

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Maxis_Taste Dare 20: Prom!

I was going to do a story, but my game is having issues, and time slipped away from me. So, instead I just went with 'part II' of what I was going to do.

Sims have all been aged down, and are teens (17) and young adults (18-19) (The 'Prom Crashers'). Just making that known, because it's hard to tell adults from YA in pictures like these. :3

See how many you can guess!

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My entry for maxis_taste  Dare 19. I chose to redo Natasha Una's place, and took inspiration from her favorite foodstuff.

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Softer On The Eyes - Maxis Skin Blend

Softer On The Eyes - Maxis Skin Blend

I blended Nilou's recoloured nosemasks with the Maxis face textures, then added Lunar_Eclipse@MTS's Mouth corners.

Skins 1-4, Alien, Zombie, Plantsims and the Genie. The Plantsim and Genie use original Maxis eye textures. Replace face textures only. All files are compressorized. Credit goes to Nilou for the nosemasks, and Lunar_Eclipse@MTS for the mouthcorners.

Skins 1-4|Alien|Zombie|Plantsim|Genie


Maxis Match Facial Hair Edits

Maxis Match Facial Hair Edits

Teen - elder, binned, familied, elder grey linked to black, compressorized and Base Game compatible unless stated otherwise.

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Extracted Maxis Textures

I was looking through the Sims3D packages in the basegame folder, and I came across a few hidden textures. I thought that some of these would be useful for storytelling. Now, these have probably already been done, but I wanted to share mine anyway.


Teen - Adult, layerable, found in 'Full Face Makeup' and compressorized.


Hickies: (I couldn't help but laugh when I found this one.. I mean, seriously? XD)

Teen - Adult, layerable, one for each maxis skintone (1-5), found in 'Full Face Makeup' and compressorized.



There was only one texture, and it's the one I gave to S2. The rest (1, 3-5) are recolours by me to match the other skintones.

All ages, layerable, found in 'Full Face Makeup' and compressorized.



Adult - Elder, layerable, found in 'Full Face Makeup' and compressorized.


Enjoy! :)

Some options for your Bellas.

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Default Replacements for Servos

Here's something I've been working on for a while (Read: Months!). This project gave me a bit of grief because for some reason, it wouldn't show up in game, and the quality of the textures were pretty bad. Then I couldn't get one of the textures to work.. FINALLY they worked, so today I give you..

Default Replacements for Servos!

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Maxis_Taste Dare 17: One Sim, 5ive Flavors

Because I've been having major issues with my computer and game (almost everything is corrupted. It takes ages to do anything and it's taken a liking to crashing at the most inopportune times) I've tried to make the most of what I have.

Now, the victim for my makeovers. Most of you will know him as that sleazy looking downtownie in the tight white jeans..


But those of you on my F-list will know him best as Cris.

"How's it goin'?"

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Maxis_taste Dare#16

Here's something  for maxis_taste  Dare#16. It's only very little/simple. The first 'theme' I thought of was opposites, then black/white.. Dark and light.. I don't know. I hope the li'l story makes up for the simplicity. :P

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This is my entry for the maxis_taste  community, Dare #15.

Florence Delarosa is looking for love, and she's narrowed it down to a handful of prospective partners. Let's see how she fares. ;)

NOTE: For some reason, Firefox cuts out after a certain number of pictures/text with things I post, so If it does it, just open it in Microsoft Internet Explorer. :( I have no idea why it only does it to me..

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The Goths

Goth, a term synonymous with darkness, sadness and death. The Goths were a family far from this definition, or, they once were.

"boopity.. boopity.. PEEK-A-BOO!"
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